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Tens of Thousands of people world-wide have a better quality of life now that they have found


 Dynamiclear Advantage Bottle  

If you have come to our Web Site then it can only be for one of two reasons:

  1. You already know of the Dynamiclear formulation and want to purchase some now.
  2. You or someone you know are suffering and you think Dynamiclear will be helpful.

Since the Dynamiclear formulation first came to the market it has offered users a very different and effective way of managing their condition. If you have been in the same boat for some time then you too may be looking for something to effectively relieve the pain, embarrassment and financial cost associated with this condition.

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Dynamiclear - finally, a solution that ACTUALLY works.

John Spurge,
Doctor of Naturopathy N.D., B. Com. (UNSW)

"Dynamiclear is by far the best topical solution that I have come across to date."
"I have been in full time professional practice since 1984 and during that time have treated herpetic lesions on many occasions. Dynamiclear is by far the best topical solution that I have come across to date. One thorough application of Dynamiclear and the sore immediately begins to dry out and within hours forms a scab. Follow-up results are promising with most patients reporting a reduction in the frequency and/or intensity of their outbreaks and occasionally, no further outbreaks for several months and sometimes years."


6 Reasons why Dynamiclear is the BEST option for you

No other product on the market works like Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear is applied in a "single dose" application per outbreak. The application is SIMPLE, odorless and "mess" free.

No other topical product on the market works in one single application.Healing begins IMMEDIATELY, as soon as the solution is applied.  A scab will typically form within 6 - 72 hours.

Reduce the FREQUENCY and INTENSITY of future outbreaks.  Symptoms typically continue to REDUCE with each application.

Dynamiclear had a 98% success rate during Clinical Trials.  This is a higher success rate than medically prescribed treatments.SAVE MONEY by using a proven solution THAT LASTS!

Because of how Dynamiclear works (you only apply it ONE TIME per outbreak) one bottle will typically last for several months, a year - or longer. Some people only ever need one bottle! This is excellent value compared to most ointments and drugs which need to be repeatedly applied or regularly refilled.

No noted side-effects.

Dynamiclear is an all natural product based on a mineral and herbal formulation. You now have the option of a product that doesn´t produce potential side-effects, such as headaches, nausea, depression and hair loss which are possible side-effects of conventional treatments.

Dynamiclear Advantage Bottle     

dynamiclear - The solution that works

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